Learning does not need age.

Emrah Demiral

Vakfıkebir Public Education Center


Our institution consists of four floors and a basement. Our institution has 9 administrative center, 7 classrooms, 4 workshops and 1 multi-purpose hall. It has been opened 128 social and cultural courses in the academic year, 15 vocational and technical courses, 92 literary courses in the context of non-formal education activities within the scope of 2009-2010 Academiz Year. Participation of 3250 participants was provided. With regard to adult non-formal education activities to gain skills and knowledge of the continuous renewal of targeted, ongoing learning from past issues of the seminars are querying. Our master trainers are always in dialogue with adults. Master trainers and teachers working in our institutions of adult education, having the necessary information and experience concerning individuals are selected.

What we offer

Vakfıkebir is always in contact with other institutions. In our institution there are cultural courses as hairdressing, clothing, handicrafts, embroidery, silver embroidery, such as wire mesh bracelet, as well as vocational courses; reading-writing, elocution, drama, chess, speed-reading techniques, language courses, painting, painting, teaching courses instruments (guitar, violin, binding, fiddle). ICT courses are one of the most desirable courses applied by adults. We have the structure that can respond to the need of every course. Adult education for open primary, open-high school institutions is subject to our field of activity.