Motivation is the first step of learning
and the first step to better future.

Raija Peltokangas



Vocational Adult Education Sedu concentrates in the training of adults within the system of competence-based qualifications. It offers learning possibilities to thousands of adults who want to develop their skills.

The annual number of adult students: 6400
Staff members: 150
Certificates of skills examinations completed: 535

Our adult education institution has five business divisions:

SEDU - Business and Culture

  • - Accountancy and Commerce Studies
  • - Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • - Information Technologies
  • - Culture
  • - Immigration Courses

SEDU - Technology

  • - Metal Industry
  • - Construction
  • - Building Technology
  • - Electrical Engineering
  • - Logistics

SEDU - Agriculture and Forestry

  • - Agriculture
  • - Forestry

SEDU - Welfare

  • - Social and Health Care Sector

SEDU - Service

  • - Food Industry
  • - Catering and domestic services
  • - Security Sector

Besides the mission of updating and improving the professional skills of adults; Vocational Adult Education Sedu works for improving the competitiveness and standard of operations of companies and other organisations in the region of South-Ostrobothnia by offering them tailored training and development services, the centre also offers language training.

Sedu plays an important role in the integration of immigrants by giving them courses in the Finnish language and integration. An important part of the operation of the centre consists of employment training and career guidance. A lot of teacher’s know-how is focused on motivating and encouraging students to find a new career or a new job.

Vocational Adult Education Sedu arranges varied training for adults. Mostly the training follows the national competence-based qualifications system but also tailored courses for companies are arranged. Vocational Adult Education Sedu stresses flexibility and work orientation. At the beginning of a student’s learning process a personal study plan is compiled based on the student’s work experience, previous education and personal skills. Study plans are constructed together with representatives from the work environment, if necessary.

Adults can show their vocational skills by skills examinations and receive official certification. These examinations have been developed for adults’, companies’ and other work communities’ development requirements by the Finnish National Board of Education and the system is constantly updated. All the qualifications suit the apprenticeship training as well.

Tailored personnel training and development projects

Vocational Adult Education Sedu serves private companies’ business operations and personnel development. Companies and other organisations can also find tailored training for their staff at Vocational Adult Education Sedu. The training can take place either at the education centre or at a company’s own premises. The development projects concentrate on companies’ business operations or technical development.