LOF provides skills and competencies for the individual to make good use of his or her own life and to contribute to society.

Helene Horsbrugh



LOF, formed in September 1945, is a non-governmental organization based on voluntary committee members in some 78 local branches throughout Denmark.

Within the context of lifelong learning, public enlightenment and respect for the individual LOF offers non-formal adult education and cultural activities through e.g. leisure-time schools, second chance schools, a school for immigrants. Furthermore, some local branches offer education for people with reading and writing disabilities (dyslexia) and preparatory education for adults.

Each local branch has a director to organize courses etc. and to administrate the branch. A secretariat with a secretary general and eight employees are servicing the organization.

In 2009, some 160,000 people took part in activities in LOF: Courses, lectures, debating activities, etc.


LOF's strategy 2011-2013 is Knowledge in Movement. An important part of this strategy is "The activities/citizen and society":

  • The overall objective is that LOF shall be a visible active player in society.
  • LOF shall enter into partnerships with local governments to promote public health and cooperate with patients' associations in this field.
  • LOF shall implement at least one project with local government or the state on citizens involvement.
  • The local branches shall take an active part in developing methods as to strengthening democracy and citizenship.
  • LOF shall implement nationwide educational campaigns as to e.g. integration, developing countries, Europe and the European Union.
  • LOF shall engage in international activities to strengthen adult education/non-formal adult education.
  • LOF shall strengthen education for people with reading and writing disabilities (dyslexia) and preparatory education for adults.

LOF is a member of the Danish Adult Education Association and of the Nordic Association for Adult Education.